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My mission is to level the playing field between the Goliath creditors and the David consumers.

In order to do that, my office is high tech and lean and mean, headquartered at home.  I have access to offices in Detroit, St. Clair Shores, Redford, Wyandotte and Royal Oak, among other places, to meet with clients.

Many ordinary office tasks are outsourced, for example, my big mailings of court notices et cetera are done in the state of Washington.

This makes my office more efficient, and more productive, and allows me to devote time to client needs.

The bankruptcy court I practice in has electronic filing, so all documents are filed online.  So, I can file things from anywhere with internet access, any time of day.

We also have wireless in the Judge’s court rooms, and the creditor meeting hearing rooms, so I am online most of the time, and easily reachable by email.

I love the internet and social media, got on Facebook to keep up to date on my kids, but use it for much more now.

I try to post new information on my websites daily, so that clients can keep up with changes in the law and other new developments.

I worked my way through college and law school, spending summers at the Jefferson Assembly plant and Lear Siegler Automotive division, making truck axle housings.

During the school year, I worked in the dorm cafeteria.

Kids are big U of M fans, especially football and hockey, so it is great fun to watch the games with them.

They did not pick up my interest in hunting and fishing, though Erin loves shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun, and is in the skeet club at Kentucky.

My most important job is being there father, and I love it.

I joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity while at U of M, and still see some of the brothers.

Still married after 25 years, to a realtor, so we are really in touch with the economy of Michigan.

I saw the economic crisis coming, with the liar loans and unethical mortgage brokers, and so many of my clients misled and taken advantage of, by careless mortgage companies and banks, all controlled by their greed.

I want to help the victims recover, fight foreclosure, keep their homes, if at all possible.

And I don’t mind sticking it to the big guys.

So, I attend seminars, keep current on the law and new developments, use listservs whose members are the best consumer attorneys in the country.

So, though I am a solo practitioner, I have instantaneous access to hundreds of attorneys and firms doing the same work that I do.  We share information, documents, tactics, to better represent our clients.

We are facing the same big creditor companies wherever we practice, and they tend to pull the same stunts.

On politics, I see us and them.  Unfortunately, them is virtually all the politicians.

The people, and the political class.

It is inexcusable that the perpetrators of the world economic catastrophe have not been prosecuted for fraud and the other crimes they committed.

Instead, both of current and previous Administrations have done whatever Wall Street asked, instead of letting them fail and starting from scratch.

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